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Name spelled wrong on W-2 Form?

My old employer misspelled my name (by only one letter) on my W-2 form. But everything else is correct and matches. SSN, address, etc. Is all correct. Will they overlook that one letter, or will that cause a problem when I file. And how can I correct it? Who can I call or what website should I go to?

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    It will almost certainly be seen as a simple typo and not rejected and not cause any real problems.  If you were still in the employment of that person, you would be well served to get the error corrected.  If the SSN were in error, or the name was totally different, then you would have to get it corrected or likely expect some follow-up from the IRS.  There is no major problem so even if there were follow-up, it ought to be something easily corrected, but they are unlikely to go that far for such a minor issue.

    You can't ever know for certain, of course.  But the IRS does have better ways to spend the limited time of the limited employees.  I am sure you are far from the only person to have such a minor issue.

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    as long as the SSN matches, the IRS doesn't care

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