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Why can't Yahoo Answers 100% accurately categorize questions? I'm getting tired of editing category?

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    Its just an algorithm based on keywords, there is no human involvement, most keywords could match with several categories, sometimes its right 1st time and sometimes not, just like most other stuff in life.

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    If you don't or REFUSE to use the correct keywords in your?questions that's your fault, not Verizon's or Yahoo's. That includes putting the subcategory you want your to post to or asking your question IN the?subcategory you want your question to post to. 

    Verizon got rid of the 140 character space limit and the Details button 7 MONTHS ago at the beginning of. July. There are NO Verizon or Yahoo emotes .o it boring or. Reading the YA forums 24/7. They are NOT PAYED to do that. 

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