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Can anyone identify what part of a vintage tea set this is?

A family member of my wife's posted this picture, and we cannot find ANY information about it or what purpose it serves. I would love to know what it is. We believe it is part of a royal albert tea set from maybe the 1930s, but we honestly have no idea. Please only answer if you know it you're pretty sure, not just guesses.


The saucer is not part of the other thing. We just want to know what this dispenser-like thing is is and what it's for.

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  • The pattern is called 'Old country Rose' and is manufactured by Wedgewood under the name of Royal Albert, to be sure, look underneath for the makers mark then check on line. If it is a single item alas it wont be worth very much. As an after piece, NEVER put cream in tea only milk and NEVER use a tea bag either, Milk, then sugar, then pour the tea after 4 minutes.

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    It is definitely Prince ALbert, but they made the same shite for decades, so it may not be as old as you think. I understand this was produced in the 60s when it was now legal in UK for two "gentlemen" to be seen having relations together. they would hold together by handle and drink out of one side each at same time. 

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    I can't quite see whether the top of the jug-shaped part comes off. I'm also not certain whether we're looking at a handle of a spout - I think it's a handle. It would be helpful to see it from a couple of other angles too.

    If you can manage that, just click on EDIT and post an Update.

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    I've seen similar and the little side pieces are to put your used teabags in.

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    A tea set usually contains a small pitcher to add milk or cream.  The bowl extension on this pitcher may be to catch drips.

  • 1 month ago

    It's probably a cream and sugar combo. The fact that it's bizarre looking would explain why it didn't catch on. The only thing that would make me question that identification is if there's a spout at the front because you couldn't pour and expect the sugar to stay put- but that could be another reason why the design was dumped.

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