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what is this *bowel question*?

i’m 19. my symptoms are bloating, loss of appetite, belching, and constipation/incomplete bowel movements. i find it difficult to pass gas. when i do have bowel movements they are (tmi) thick small pebble like. i don’t have any abdominal pain. what can this be? is it possible this is cancer? i tried a laxative but i think it only helped some stool come out. please help i’m so scared 

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    Small pebbles means you are VERY constipated. Drink lots of water everyday, and eat fruits and vegetables. 

    Move around and get some exercise everyday to promote intestinal motility. Do you think you may have had covid already? A lot of people have had it, some mild symptoms. It causes a residual stomach problems in some people.

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    Try a family doctor.

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    Sounds like insufficient fibre in your diet combined with dehydration.

    Increase both fibre and water intake and if it does not resolve, see a doctor.

    Cancer is unlikely at your age.

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    The size of the stool (pebble) means the stool is moving to slow threw the intestines this also causes constipation.....................Meds, dehydration ,try to avoid dairy products, high fat processed foods, and take in more water, fruit drinks , apple juice, grape juice cranberry juices and again more water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bloating can be caused by several factors such as  menstruation, salt intake, basically anything the pools in the abdomen,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,however with loss of appetite this could be related to the digestive system....................caused by infection.

    Pancreas cancer ;

    Usually no symptoms till it gets larger,,,,first symptom is pain and weight loss (not in your case),,pain usually travels to the back and stomach


    most times the symptoms are ignored a feeling of fullness or discomfort after a meal may indicate cancer in the lower section of the stomach.


    this usually develops in women in the 50s-70s,, This can grow to considerable size before it causes any symptoms..


    The risk seems to increase as a woman ages .

    (note) just some info on cancer

    Source(s): nurse
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    Those are common symptoms and I don't think there's any reason to suspect cancer.

    I would recommend a product called Vitality Capsules to help move your bowels.  It has helped me a lot.

    And if you want to do something about the symptoms you need to do something about your diet.  

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