Can you be Straight but Homoerotic? ?

Sexual orientation has too many TOO MANY definitions ... who do you fall in love with, who do you want to have sex with, who turns you on. However, the only thing that a man does to me is that his body is erotic for me, the woman body is not erotic for me. But I can't imagine having any kind of sex with a man and even less living intimately with one. I've never seen men and said wow I want to kiss him or I want to hug him.

With a woman, her body does not make me erotic but i do want to have sex with one, I would like to hug and kiss one. And that's the point .. I can't classify myself as Gay because I don't want anything sexual or romantic with a man.

It is only a way of eroticizing myself and men are more attractive for me, but ... that's all ... homosexuality is more than just eroticizing you with a part of the man's body that also, NO SEXUAL PART OF THE MAN ATTRACTS ME . (I disgust penis, semen, anus, hair, masculinity is not attractive and effeminate men do not attract me) are many topics

(I have nothing against gays, but I would not like to be one)

- thanks

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Oh yes.

    I have many straight male friends who enjoy cuddling with me when we are traveling together or camping or fishing.

    We don't usually even talk about it -- it feels comfortable (normally after drinking!) and right.

    And I always sense that my straight male buddies wish their wives would be able to understand them through the eyes of a man.  

    Enjoy man-to-man intimacy.  It's beautiful and powerful. 

    And true.   

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