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What does the term “beautiful beautiful ☺️  but not hot 🥵 ” mean? Is this frat boy terminology for ugly 🤮 ?

Some guys say the term “beautiful but not hot” what does that mean?

Is that just a nice way of saying ugly?

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    You are a very foolish person who should not be messing with men until you know yourself better. What you should do is improve your education and gain self confidence. If you REALLY want to know what such gibberish means then you should search out the answer on such sites as the Urban Dictionary. I would not even bother, personally.

    Raise your standards. With a better education such scummy people will drop behind you, in your rear view, and you will find yourself among others like yourself, sensible, and above such nonsense.

    In the meantime get on the pill so as to prevent your accidentally becoming a single parent while you are trying to improve yourself with some education.

    Source(s): Danger of becoming pregnant just as you are about to learn about a better life.
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