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What would the US do if other countries did the  following?

 Deliberately undercut the US on selling products and then proposed the following international ultimatum. Stated that if a country does business with the US they won't do business with them. I know that type of embargo devastated Cuba but the US is in a different financial position but we are still very dependent on international trade commerce.  Technically this is not really an act of war because countries have a right to choose who they do business with in a free market. Part of capitalism is allowing the market,  the quality of service and availability of a product to not only determine customer acquisition but the longevity of customers. in a military war the US would prevail against pretty much everyone in the world combined but in a strategic trade war with certain countries it would be hard for the US to compete. For example if European countries united, Asian countries united, Australia , canada and mexico all United in a trade war against the US the US would not prevail.  I don't know if the US would be able to survive a trade war against if all Asian countries United, Canada and Mexico or the United. I don't know if the us could survive a trade war if all European countries were United if China and India were United with them as well. 


 First of all not that many countries would starve if they wouldn't buy US agriculture. Agriculture is and industry in which many countries can produce products in. The US does not dominate that market

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    Please check out the balance of trade!

    In 2018 (the last year I can find figures for) the US bought 638.21B US dollars more goods then it sold to other countries. This number does not reflect illegal trade (such as drug money).

    It is not a matter of countries refusing to buy US goods, it is an issue of if they can afford to deny selling the US goods.

    The US is one of the worlds largest consumer markets. That means we provide income for a lot of families living out side of this country. Take away those jobs and those nations will suffer problems. While in the USA most of us would retain our jobs and be better off. I suggest we would be better off because a lot of things we do not actually need would not be on the market to consume our budget.

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    We stop selling them food.

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