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Does someone who sees a dog being hit, but is too afraid to do anything, deserve to die?


Someone who sees a dog being abused. Not hit by a car.

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    no cause they were afraid obviously. not even the person hitting the dog deserve to die. they should just learn right from wrong.

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    Not necessarily. It depends on the actual danger involved and what possible solutions exist. Brutality is well-accepted in some places. You can call the police about a dog being stabbed, and they will take a report, but ..."There's no one to follow up on things like that."

    And there are dogs that will attack YOU if you approach their owners and speak to them in an aggressive way- even if the owner is cruel to them.

  • no but maybe the guy that hits the dog deserves to

  • 1 month ago

    I saw a dog get flipped in the air and no cars stopped.

    I was horrified. The poor thing limped off.

    I wanted to look for it but couldn't find it

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