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My friend makes baseless invitations?

Like he's just trying to sound nice and or make conversation but we don't do things together. We do go out, we grab a bite to eat, or just order in and then go to his place. He keeps talking about wanting to go here or go there with me, but nothing ever comes of it. I'd like to go to these places but ig it does strike me a bit odd that he goes somewhere with his gf and then want to take me there afterwards. Never the three of us together or a group with his other friends. It's only ever just us. Why am I excluded from his group??

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    1 month ago

    If this guy is in a relationship then chances are that he is probably apprehensive about the way that his girlfriend will respond if you all went out as a group. Basically, he does not want a situation where his girlfriend is jealous and a conflict insinuates. The other possibility is that this guy is stringing you along as his "side chick" and does not want his girlfriend finding out. That would most definitely explain why he does not want you going out with the group and him offering to take you out somewhere afterwards.  

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