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Help! Can someone explain this phenomenon?


About three years ago, I fell in love with somebody I spent hours on the phone and texting with daily for a month. I kept us private, I wasn’t pressed over him, and he would tell me he wants a relationship.The day we planned to meet in person I was extremely drawn to him to the point where I followed his location to see him in person beforehand. (which i don’t typically ever do) And once we finally met later that day I was overly excited, nervous, getty, ece. We ended up messing around and soon after he slowly ghosted me. I was heartbroken. Devastated. I blamed my personality, looks, and ultimately myself for not being good enough for him. I would see his name everywhere I went. On the back of someone’s shirt, movie credits, books, ece. Mind you previously I HAVE NEVER SEEN OR MET SOMEONE W HIS NAME EVER. Over the years, he’s tried to come back into my life but never stuck around. Last March he tried again but he promised things would be different between us. We opened up to eachother about our past, family, future, we would read eachothers minds constantly, we almost died in a car accident but we didn’t. we went through alot in three months and it all hit the fan bc his ex is still in the pic even though he says he doesn’t want her and they only communicate bc the dog they share but also he says he can’t commit to me bc he’s emotionally scarred from her. Now, I still see his name everywhere but sometimes I see his ex name too all of a sudden. Is this all a coincidence?

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    My god, you're naivé. Can't you even tell when you're being played? You're his POA on the side, hun... you're just a sperm bank.

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    You're too attached to someone who isn't attached to you. Sorry to say this but I think he isn't over his ex yet. You're just some girl he can call/keep whenever he wants it. He is a very smooth talker and it shows.

    It would be better to stop seeing him and distance yourself from them. It's not healthy to be this obsessed that you start seeing their names everywhere. He's making your mental health deteriorate and that's not good. Put yourself first. 

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