Dating someone on the spectrum when I’m not?


Recently I met a guy who I think is on the spectrum, his friend mentioned it but the topic was changed and I don’t want to ask him outright, but I think he is. Is it okay for someone who isn’t on the spectrum to date someone who is? How will the relationship be different to dating someone who isn’t on the spectrum and is there anything I should keep in mind? He asked me out to dinner and he’s so sweet, my friends think “he’s weird” and are telling me to back away but he is gorgeous and we’ve been talking for a few days, I’m really enjoying it. I guess I’d like to hear from someone on the spectrum and what their opinion is? I don’t want it to seem that I’m taking advantage of him. I don’t think he is intellectually challenged, although he is awkward in social interactions and he doesn’t seem to understand social cues.

I really appreciate any replies so thank you so much in advance :) 

I also apologise if I worded anything in an insensitive way, it isn’t intentional and I’m doing my research and learning!

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I think it really depends on what condition he has and the extent of it. In many instance though, you will not notice anything. Chance are that if you have not noticed anything yet then you are unlikely to notice anything at all. Regardless, I would give this guy a chance because the most important factor when forming a relationship is that you share an emotional connection with the person who you are with. Superficial factors, such as age, income, medical conditions, do not matter that much as they do not contribute anything meaningful to the relationship. One last thing to consider is that no body is perfect; everybody has their positive attributes and everybody has their flaws. Many people often focus too much on people's imperfection only to end up never finding the perfect person, simply because they do not exist. Good luck and I really hope this helps :) 

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