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I have 1 mL of Ferritin.. is this okay??? ?

Hello, I am 20 years old. I am a female. within this past week I have found out I am extremely annemic. I haven't had my period in a month, When I do get it, it only lasts maybe 5 days and isn't too heavy so I don't believe this is the cause. I might be overthinking and kind of a hypochondriac but it is very concerning to see my levels so low..  RBC is normal but hemo is 8.2 and others are lower... but I have 1 mL of Ferratin when I should have 16- some higher number  .. feels so out of reach right now. I am honestly really scared and don't know if I should go to the ER and get a transfusion.. its been about 2 days since i got my blood work and I have felt SO dizzy and light headed.. i usually sleep all weekend because work is so exhausting but all i do is sit at a desk.. it is just all making sense now and the more i research the more I get anxious. I literally only have 1 mL of ferratin what happens when I don't have any left? 

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    So whoever tested you and gave you this info must have suggested taking iron pills.

    ER won't give you a transfusion for this.

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