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True or false: some people don’t want attention or fame ?

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    True......when I was in the Navy, there were people not interested in promotions or standing out at all.  When I asked one guy if he was going to take the advancement test..........he looked why the hell would he do such a thing? 

    Being promoted meant more responsibility and being put in charge of things,  and he liked just being one of the invisible little cogs, ......skating off all day........and doing as little as possible. 

    and every day, while I was being assigned this , that and the other thing.....and volunteering for this, that and the other thing..... I'd see him in his civilian clothes, slipping off the ship....... off to have a good time somewhere,  and I'd be like.............damn...........maybe he's got the right idea. 

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    True, speaking from experience. Ever since I was a little kid, attention has always made me uncomfortable. I don't mean awkwardness when being sung happy birthday, I mean getting angry when my parents said I was beautiful. I've always had stage fright, not because I'm afraid of messing up, but because I don't want all the attention to be on me. I enjoy drawing very much, and my dad often takes pictures of my work to send to my relatives. I let him because I know he's only being a proud dad, but it makes me uncomfortable. I prefer to live a modest life and try to keep it as private as possible. Everything I do is for my pleasure, in fact sometimes I feel less inclined to do something if I know it will garner attention. 

  • 1 month ago

    What Jenya said - every person likes attention.  Fame brings all kinds of problems and invasions of privacy, but we all want to be noticed and recognized

  • True.


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    1 month ago

    I think it depends on how much attention and fame.... I would think everyone wants some kind of attention 

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