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For those of you who saw the Movie "Tower Heist" with Ben Stiller, was there a huge legal issue with the plot?

Ben Stiller played a concierge at a luxury Manhattan condo building, where the main antagonist, named Arthur Shaw, played a Bernie Madoff like character who had pulled a ponzi scheme and financially ruined all the employees of the condo.

But the charges against Shaw were about to be dropped for reasons unexplained but presumably for lack of evidence.

Stiller and his crew broke into Shaws penthouse hoping to find money to reimburse the victims, but they also found Shaw's ledger.

And when that ledger was turnes over to the authorities, they now had their smoking gun piece of evidence neccesary to convict Shaw.

Here's the problem I saw.

Ben Stiller and his crew would not have had a warrant to enter and search Shaw's penthouse. Nor could they have obtained one becauae they were not law enforcement of any kind.

So wouldn't that have made the ledger illegally obtained evidence, which could not have been used against Shaw in court?


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    If law enforcement had obtained the evidence illegally, then it could not be used.

    But you said that didn't happen because "they were not law enforcement of any kind".

    In some cases (perhaps this one; I didn't see the movie), when another criminal (who is not law enforcement) obtains evidence illegally, it can be used in court.

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