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what does this mean "when the last bear ""gives up" ,,,that is when the stock market has reached its  top"?

gives up what?  why that is the sign that the top has been reached? and why it would make sense to be bullish while most people are bearish and to be bearish when most people are bullish? is that not opposite of what you should do?

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    see my other comments to your questions.  "last bear gives up" means when the traders betting on the market going down [the bears] close their positions [give up] and switch to going long [risk on, or betting the market will go up].

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    Bears are people that bet the market will fall, for whatever reason......

    but when the market is having a  good when there was this fever to get it to pass 30,000 for the first time ever.......everyone was racing to be bullish.....and the last bear gave up.........meaning, no one wanted to bet on a fall.....and nearly everyone was pushing to break the 30,000 ceiling. 

    But, once it did so........ the bears went right back to betting that it would eventually fall  again,   having made the mark,  but doubting it could SUSTAIN it. 

    It was a false bubble,  created by unrealistic, and unfounded hope......and those kinds of bubbles usually burst eventually. 

    Or, eventually some event comes along that causes a major drop...... and that's what bears bet on. 

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    Its bedtime kid, nobody can accurate predict the market over the long term.  STOP ASKING. You only have $600.

    The difference between 10% and 20% is $60.

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