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Anonymous asked in TravelUnited StatesOrlando · 3 months ago

My bestfriend planned a trip while I was planning one?

November 2020, I told my best friends I was planning a trip to Disney world. They agreed that they would be happy to come and so I started planning. One of my friends though didn’t seem too excited whenever I talked to her about it but I thought it was because she was busy. January 2021 I told them everything we would be doing, the cost and I sent the itinerary. The friend that wasn’t excited at first was upset that the trip wasn’t four days long at Disney. Mind you we are college students with low paying jobs. I explained to her how 4 days at Disney would be over $1,000. My trip was at list $750-$800 including what we would need. I also explained to them how I know everyone couldn’t pay for too much so I would pay for gas and grocery do no one would have to put in. The next few days went by and my friend that wasn’t excited decided to tell me she planned a trip with her friends to Disney because she wanted to be there Fr four days instead of the two days I planned and then two days in Florida. Idk if I should still be friend with her or not because this was my birthday trip since my birthday was spent at home because of covid. Can someone help me please. Because you do not have to ride all the rides at Disney and stay at a park for that long in one park. I also got park hopper tickets so we could visit more than one park. I just want to know what I should do/say next because I don’t want to do a trip anymore.


Also, she complained about how her budget was strict?? But like four days at Disney is a lot and she told me I was confusing because i said birthday trip and then I said group trip and I explained to her what that meant like fifty times. I truly believe she just wanted to plan her own trip and to me that means she didn’t care about my feelings or what I had stayed up all night and planned. 

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  • 2 months ago

    As far as ticket prices to Disney, you'd be much better off going for 3 days with no park hopper than 2 days with park hopper for almost the same price. Park hopping at Disney World is not easy or quick. If you know what you are doing and have been there before a park hopper might make sense but you will definitely feel rushed if you try to do "everything" in 2 days. Yes, in 3 days without park hopper you would have to leave one out. But the 4 day without park hopper would only be ~$100 more than 2 day with. I'm not sure how 4 days in Disney would be $1000 unless you are counting hotel and food which you would need no matter where you go and you don't have to buy food at Disney as you could bring in your own. (right now online 4 days can be bought for $470 including tax and varies slightly depending the specific days)

    Anyway, if you were planning a trip for people the first thing that should be agreed upon is budget and people should also sit down and have a discussion about the important things like how long is the trip? how long should be do disney? etc 

    Now, your friend does seem a bit rude from your description, but it also didn't sound like you were at all flexible and it also appears that you only did 1 night of planning without feedback from any other people going on the trip.

  • drip
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    She doesn’t want to use her money to do everything you want to do. Nothing wrong with that. 

    Do the other friends in this group want four days in Disney?  Two days in Disney and two days in Florida?  Disney is in Florida. Perhaps you meant at the beach or another area of Florida.  Any ways. That means transportation and time.

    If you and your other friends are fine  with all four days in Disney, then then one friend has a choice to make. 

    Why would you chuck a friend away?  If I am paying $1000 for a trip I would want some say in the what we were doing on that trip. 

    Wiht four days at Disney you don’t need the extra costs of a Hopper pass. One day for each park.  That is one expense that can be cut.

  • 3 months ago're complaining about one friend?!?!  What do your other friends think? Or are they going along with the four-day itinerary that was presented, unless these are with a different group of friends. I think that will give you your answer

  • 3 months ago

    You sound like a dictator.  If you are paying for everyone's way and the full cost, then you get to do exactly what you want.  However, if people are paying their own way, you don't!

    It seems like a gigantic waste of money to spend $800 for 2 days, when a 4 day trip is barely any more cost. 

    Also, it's interesting that you said "she planned a trip with her friends"

    Her friends?  Are her friends different than your friends?

    And you seem like a petty b i t c h if you think you shouldn't be friends with someone over an immature Disney trip. 

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  • MS
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    If you think this is worth losing a relationship over, then your friendship isn't that strong.

    However, there should have been better communication about the expectations of the trip.  I understand that you are trying to save money.  But I myself wouldn't want to spend that kind of money on such a short trip.  Your friend is correct - 2 days in Disney is not much time at all.  And I wouldn't waste the money on Park Hoppers for only 2 days.  If I only had 2 days, I would spend it in 1-2 parks (you realize there are 4 though, right?).  You can't come close to seeing everything in Magic Kingdom or EPCOT in just a day each; and you are correct that you don't have to do everything, but many people don't want to spend that kind of money to just rush through a park and catch a couple of rides.  

    I don't think your friend is trying to personally hurt you.  I think your friend wanted a trip to Disney and wanted to make the most of her time there.  When that wasn't going to happen with you, she decided to do it with others.  If that ruins your friendship, then you guys aren't good friends.

    But don't ruin your relationship with your other friends.  If they are up for this trip that you've planned, then you should go and have fun. 

  • 3 months ago

    It's hardly her fault that COVID cancelled your birthday plans. I'm also not sure why you're planning any trips given said pandemic.

    If you feel this is such an issue that you should end your friendship, perhaps either you're not mature enough or you weren't actually good friends.

  • Cogito
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    It takes a lot longer than one night to plan a good visit to Disney World!  Also, you should really have discussed at great length exactly what you had in mind.  Two days at WDW is extremely short - there are four theme parks and you really need at least a whole day in each - ideally two days at each.  Of course you don't have to ride all the rides - but bearing in mind that the lines are really long, you'd probably only get on two or three in a half-day.  

    The park hopper tickets are fine if you want to spend a day in one park and then go to a different one for the fireworks or a particular show and you're staying on property, but if you try to travel between two parks in the day, that would probably take you at least a couple of hours so it's rarely worth bothering.

    I'm planning a trip in 2022, but we're going for three weeks, so we can do all the rides we want to, see all the best shows, enjoy the atmosphere and see whatever we want to see at all four parks, (as well as a few trips to Universal Studios).  Really, four full days are the absolute minimum time if you want to visit all the parks.I sympathise with your friend.  Spending all that money to rush around and probably only get on a couple of rides seems a bad idea to me, and I expect that she feels the same.  I'm sure you meant well and wanted to give your friends a good time, but as they're having to pay so much money it really should have been thought out fully and they should have been involved in every part of the planning.

    I'm sorry, but I think you should listen to your friend, talk about it and then do a lot more research before booking anything.  

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