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Would Burke And Hare Still Have Killed If There Was No Reward?

To me, it seems like they only killed to make money off of the corpses. If there was no possible way for them to profit off of murder, would they have still killed people? 

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    I think you are correct. Resurrectionists ordinarily did not kill people, they stole corpses of people who were already dead. However with a shortage of cadavers the law of supply and demand meant that Burke and Hare hastened the process. Without a market for their wares there would have been no real motivation for the crimes.

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    Yes. There is a dark tradition in Scotland, which is connected to their clan system.

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    Probably not since their motive was profit, but we'll never know.

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    Their first corpse was the only case of genuine body snatching as opposed to murder and they claimed that the anatomists who paid them for the corpse at Edinburgh University asked them for other bodies. Their sole motivation for risking being hanged for murder was the financial reward they received for providing corpses to Doctor Knox and his students.

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    They made money FROM the corpses (not 'off of') and when there were no corpses available, they murdered to obtain those corpses.  They were ONLY in it for the profit.

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