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Joe Biden wants to raise the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour, as well as let in unlimited number of illegal's that going to work?

lots of unemployed legal citizens soon? who wants to pay 15 dollars an hour when there are huge numbers of third world immigrants ready to work for half that ?

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    Apparently with at least 3.8-million "mickey mouse jobs" going down the sh*tter.

    Small Businesses ending up the way of the Woolly Mammoth + various dinosaurs

    Big Business taking control

    Automation replacing many of the people doing Mickey Mouse jobs like taking orders at McDonalds

    Crime rates taking off faster than a Moon rocket

    Over crowding in schools

    housing shortages

    high unemployment for African-Americans + Hispanics (just like under Obama)

    At least another 6.5-million jobs at risk over the long term because of the green nonsense.

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    Biden is a populist and is just making noises to please the woke.

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    Business is business. You need to apply business views. if you got 15 dollar, then you can buy more and thus create a bigger market. Everyone needs to spend money for survival. Don't worry!! There will be a positive return-on-investment.

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    Work place will have to pay their workers much more per hour. Will they not have to raise the prices of goods and services? Will that not create inflation or a depression. That seems like a shot cut to destry our country!

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    if a horse in a suit ran for elections in 4 years time,  why do I get the impression millions of Americans would vote for it ? :))

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    Ha ha ha ha ha ha

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    Basically he'll raise the minimum wage and then jobs will start firing people and laying people off they will hire illegal immigrants under the table and then when people are out of work and claiming unemployment benefits

    The lame stream media will be blaming Trump for this and Joe Biden will also be blaming Trump for this

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    The plan is to make rich and poor,, when they raise wages they will lay off workers or cut their hours, small business can not survive paying higher wages. 


    Source(s): Spent whole life in retail raises wages they raises prices for customers and cut hours for workers, companies have a wage factor they must stay under, some one pays for raises
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    He also just fired 60,000 American workers.

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    It isn't well thought out which is what you would expect from an 80 year old dementia patient. 

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