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Can a family function as a family if they are also in business together?


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    Sometimes. A family business is difficult because of the emotions involved in holding people accountable. If you have an unrelated employee with a smart mouth and an entitlement mentality you can just fire that person and move on. Not so much if there's family involved.

    I've seen family businesses that thrived, and family businesses that were ridiculous. It mostly involves the level of honest communication among family members. I worked for a family business where the slightest hint of conflict would trigger the, "Hmmph! I'm not speaking to you!" reaction. Of course that's the single best way to destroy a relationship.

    I've also worked at a family business that was incredibly successful. Communication was open, conflicts were worked out on the spot in a respectful manner, roles were well-defined, and everybody stayed out of everybody else's sandboxes.

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