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Someone is trying to hack my Snapchat. ?

Hello, so I have the two Authentication on my Snapchat. But I’m always getting bombarded with text messages of the code. It’s so annoying! I don’t want to take it off because last time I disabled the two authentication someone was able to hack my account. Is their anything I can do?? Their also trying to hack my yahoo account. 

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    1 month ago

    Couple options off the top of my head: 

    One: change the phone number 

    to something random so that the 

    messages go somewhere else. 

    Note that you will have to change 

    the number back to yours whenever 

    you actually want to do something. 

    Two: (what I would do) change the 

    authentication to use email instead 

    of text. You'll still get bombarded but 

    it will be emails, which you can then 

    set a filter so they all go to trash or 

    some temporary folder.

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