Whovians, do you like the 1980s Doctor Who shows?

While there were definitely some really good episodes, there were also many mediocre (sub-mediocre) episodes. I like Doctor Who even on its worst days, but there's no question the stories, as well as the choice of Mel as a companion, were factors in the shows hiatus and cancellation. I think the shows before McGann and Ecclestone tended to be much better than the newer ones, but then as a 40YO I'm not the target audience.

   Something similar is happening with Jodie Whittaker, with the actors doing a stellar job (although, with a good budget), but the stories are bad. I've read despite the new series being considered a ratings success, the audience size isn't as good as the pre-reboot era.

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    Not really.  I thought McCoy was particularly bad, but none of them did much for me.  

    I think the NuWho is MUCH better than classic Who.  The level of cheese is still higher than I'd like, but the cheese is WAAAAAYYYYY lower than it was in classic Who.  Even the new doctors I don't like (I hated Capaldi and wasn't much of a fan of Eccleston) were doing stories that I thought were generally better than those classic Who tales.  

    I am only just now starting to watch Whittaker's Who.  The first two episodes were bad episodes.  But I agree with you that it's not her fault.  They were badly written episodes.  However, neither can I say that Whittaker's captured me.  She almost feels to me to be vamping Tennant and Smith.  I don't know that her take on the Doctor has captured me or anything.  Definitely like her better than Capaldi or Eccleston though.  There's alot of unfair pressure in being first.  She's the first woman to play the Doctor.  I feel like she needed to be more charismatic in the role than she's been.

    But again, I'm all of two episodes in.  I'm also nonplussed by the companions, and that hurts.  I find that the companions make a big difference.  For example, I REALLY liken Karen Gillan's Amy Pond and whatsherface's Rose.  These three all feel like empty shirts to me.  I'm moderately interested in Graham...but not really.

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    I always liked Jon Pertwee as the Doctor.  There was always great interaction between The Doctor and UNIT.  The one great thing about the pre- Ecclestone doctor was that the stories placed more emphasis on the characters and less on the sci-fi and special effects. Anthony Ainsley was great as The Master and his tardis was definitely an original. 

    I think the major problem with the new reboot of Doctor Who is that there is too much emphasis on the special effects, action, and sci-fi. 

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