Have you ever been punished for doing the right thing ?

At my old job I was extremely considerate to everybody all the time and people started gossiping about me and saying I was an actress and my personality was fake

And a girl turned her friends against me and tried to have me removed from my job because I was working so hard that she was jealous of my job performance

And my dad yelled at me for trying to work more than 7 days in a row when I wanted to impress my boss so not only did I work hard but my dad yelled at me for it

And I studied so hard in school that people assumed I was lying about my high grades and took me off their friends list on LinkedIn 

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  • 1 month ago
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    Yes, jealousy is some major issue amongst girls. Do not worry, Karma will catch up with such bad people soon.

    And maybe, your dad is not that enthusiastic about your success like you are. Maybe, you can try explaining to your boss about the negativity, workplace bullying and gossiping you are facing. But do that only if you think he is understanding and kind, otherwise, just give in your resignation and try finding job at new place. Or why leave, explain to your boss about the situation, continue to work equally hard at your current place and maybe the politics played by that girl will itself get noticed by your boss or HR, even if that jealous girl acts very careful and over smart. But do not change your hardworking nature just because you are currently around wrong people.

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    not that i remember but i probably

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    1 month ago

    You sound like a high achiever type, but when there's a pattern like this, odds are very high you're doing something to invite this all to happen.  I'm a Type A high achiever myself and I'm in my mid late 30s.  Not one of these things has ever happened to me.  For example, on that last one, what are you doing or saying that would lead people to believe you're lying about your grades?  I was valedictorian at my top ranked hs and then got into an Ivy League college.  No awards, but did graduate with close to 4.0 average.  Nobody has ever accused me of lying about any of this.

    I'm saying all this to be helpful but you are doing something wrong.

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