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Samsung TV 43" series 7 TU7000 grayed out options?

Hello Samsung TV users, was wondering, i got the TU7000 43" tv and i noticed some grayed out options in the menus while using it on pc, and less grayed out options while using it with ps5 as it uses HDMI 2.1, i use an old HDMI cable on pc, does it make a difference for these grayed out options? if i got a HDMI 2.1 cable for pc" apart from the visual quality, would it affect these settings or is it something else i can do in the TV itself to enable them? thanks in advance.

ps: there are other grayed out options but can't add more than 1 photo, but you get the idea.


another thing, when i enable Input Signal Plus for HDMI1 that i use for pc, it gives me a green screen.

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