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what is something that will impact our lives in the next decade? what is the exigency of it?

what is one thing, person, or trend that will have an impact on our lives in the next decade? what is the exigency that makes this expiration necessary? what is an ideal voice that engages with the exigency?

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    I suspect you meant 'exploration' rather than 'expiration.'

    It would appear that the microbiological world is going to continue to impact our lives in a way that is much more difficult to obscure with the usual escapism, carefully 'tailored' reporting and willful ignorance. That is certainly an 'exigent' circumstance that isn't going away and cannot be ignored, (COVID-19 is just the latest).

    An 'ideal voice' would be anyone who accepts this rather than tries to lull us back to sleep about it. Hollywood has not been helpful and our mainstream Press hasn't either. They have inspired the opposite and have cultivated division, public slander of authority and acts of futile rage against forces that require skill, wisdom, patience and genius to survive. 

    While science may be addressing it, it is woefully inadequate and slow. By the time it acts, the next 'exigent circumstance' is already upon us. This is a project the people themselves must address which requires viewing science for what it really is and not what they wish it to be. 

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