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Ovulation any time? ?

Can u ovulate any time

So my question is can u ovulate at any time? 

I had sex on the 12&15th this month period started on 16th finished on 20th then on 23rd I had a little bit of spotting (drop of pink blood) I know spotting can be sign of pregnancy or infection but which is it for me 


My period are irregular but are usually predicted at every 30days 

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    No. Spotting is usually just spotting. It doesn't mean anything other than your uterus allowed a drop of blood to escape.  Spotting does not necessarily mean ovulation, implantation, the start of a period, pregnancy, miscarriage, infection, or anything else.

    Women ovulate, on average, two weeks after the first day of their previous period.  This is when the hormone balance stimulates egg-release.  IF no fertilization or implantation occurs in the week or so following ovulation, menstruation starts.

    If your period started on 1/16, you wouldn't ovulate until about February 1st.  

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    I don't know why people are suddenly assigning so much importance to spotting. It does not have to be a sign of ANYTHING. Maybe you got a cut down there.

    But to answer your question, you can ovulate anytime that your body's hormones have made ovulation possible. Which isn't as spontaneous as it sounds, because it takes time to mature eggs for release.

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    You had a period after having sex - you are not pregnant.

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