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Is mango suppose to feel like a million tiny microscopic caterpillar crawling around in your throat or am I allergic? ?

Everytime I eat something with mango in it it feels weirdly soft and fuzzy like I just inhaled a bunch of tiny hairs that are now stuck in my throat. Am I allergic or is this just the price everyone has to pay to enjoy the sweet taste of mango?

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    Just stop eating mango, full stop, it  does'nt 'do' for you.!

  • Any chance you have the same problem with pistachios? My SO has anaphylactic allergies to mango and pistachios and it turns out he isn’t the only one.

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    1 month ago

    yes , stop eating it . 

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  • 1 month ago

    It should be a sensation that many, almost all, mango eaters feel.

    And the younger the mango, the more pronounced our sensation should be.

    I expect that this sensation is caused by the proteolytic enzymes in mangoes.

    Do you pay a similar price when you eat raw pineapple or kiwi?

    These raw fruits contain proteolytic they slightly dissolve the mucous membranes in our oral cavity.

    To clarify if enzymes are the cause, there is a way to sacrifice a few of the wonderful raw mangoes. If the million caterpillar cilia disappear when the mango is eaten after it is heated, then my hypothesis is correct.

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    IF you had an allergy, your throat would have closed up by now and you would be gasping for air. 

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