Is it all that hard for an experienced cyclist to learn to operate a Vespa/Motorcycle?

I never felt comfortable operating a car which is why I chose to travel by bicycle whenever my own two feet aren't enough to get somewhere. I was wondering now that I have a job in an entirely different city from the one I live in (actually its a two hour drive to my job) would it be all that difficult for me to learn how to ride a Vespa/motorcycle since I'm already so heavily used to a bike which is also a two wheel vehicle. These ones just have a motor.

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    You can leave a cruiser sat in a carport for quite a long time and it won't have a mishap all alone. Things possibly become unsafe when you add individuals (and, generally, other street clients). You wouldn't figure out how to ski or ride a pony or scuba plunge without taking legitimate preparing and motorcycling is the same; the additionally preparing you have, the more secure it becomes (BikeSafe is completely suggested and just expenses around £65).

    Motorcycling is just hazardous on the off chance that you leave your wellbeing in the possession of others. Continuously think 'consider the possibility that'; accept other street clients haven't seen you and ride in like manner. That doesn't mean wobbling around gradually in steady dread, it just methods covering the brakes, dialing down at intersections, and monitoring your environmental factors. It positively doesn't make riding any less charming, and you'll be joining the large numbers of others who've spent their lifetimes on two wheels.

    Take a gander at proficient riders like the police; "Developing experience is critical," says ex-cruiser police sergeant Dave Yorke. "On the off chance that you can do that while having all the more preparing, at that point all the better. Realizing what to search for when you're riding and afterward, more significantly, taking care of business when you see it implies you'll get the best out of motorcycling.

    "Despite the fact that I'd passed the entirety of the high level police riding courses, I actually needed to go and re-meet all requirements to ensure I had held those abilities. As opposed to consider it to be a test, I thought it was an extraordinary opportunity to have somebody who understood what they were doing run their eye over my riding. By developing your abilities, and experience, you'll have the option to appreciate the opportunity we as a whole love about motorcycling."

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    4 weeks ago

    My sister could ride it and she is half blind, meaning pedaling a bike was a hard task.    2 wheels is 2 wheels .  You got the balance thing down so no different.  Then you can upgrade to a HD1200 and black leathers at some future date.

  • adam
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    1 month ago

    whats to learn? You dont have to shift gears on a scooter. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Not really./ Scooters are designed or those "intimidated" by real motorcycles. Or, girls in skirts..

    EDIT: No, A Vespa isn't "necessarily" a "motorcycle". Depends on displacement, BHp. If under 125 cc or /15 Hp, it is a Motor Driven Cycle. Not legal on full freeways ( even a 250cc Vespa is Not good on a freeway-!!)

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    1 month ago

    Not that big a jump. Still have to push off, balance.

    EDIT: Many use Motorcycles for Everyday Transportation. Many are Not and are not used, simply "for pleasure" , "a luxury". I rode my 'sickles almost 2 solid years ,to class,  errands, etc, while cars were broken.. One Honda  only  cost me $300.

  • Anton
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    1 month ago

    First, ignore anyone that says "Motorcycling is just hazardous... " -- a motorcycle is far safer than a pedal bicycle on the streets, mainly because you can keep up with speed of traffic.

    MY experience:

    Age 2, girls bike, neighborhood girls probably thought a toddler riding was so cute.

    Age 8, on the streets, dodging traffic.

    Age 16, car license, stopped riding.

    Age 17.5, in U.K., Uncle let me ride his moped.

    Age 18, legally an adult, got a Honda CA110 50 Sport.

    Really, the only difference between a pedal bike and a lightweight motorcycle is you can go faster, don't need to pedal -- the weight is not a problem.

    For me, a motorcycle is NOT for fun -- it is being NOT in a CAGE (aka "car")

    A Vespa ** IS ** a motorcycle -- a bit weird, but really still a motorcycle.

    Over the decades, a scooter was something I would not ride... until I was no longer able to swing a leg over a saddle. When I found out that a Vespa is a fabulous vehicle.  My Vespa LX150 is 50-State freeway legal, has been over The Grapevine.

  • 1 month ago

    It's a pretty straightforward jump from bicycle to motorcycle/scooter.

    I would still suggest checking to see if there are any motorcycle training courses available where you live.

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