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Teacher game me a different textbook then the rest of the class?

So I'm in a 6 month Medical Assistant program and the director handed out 10th and 9th edition books of medical and procedures for medical assistants to all students. I am the only one that received a 3rd edition of that book. I asked if there was anything different,  he said no and I went home to study. Come to find out the chapter I needed to read was named differently and located differently. And just felt off. Am I wrong to ask for a updated book? I went to talk with him but he wasn't there, his son was and he basically said there are no others books, that they all have the same content , yet they're going by the 10th edition teachers guide.. and said there is not much they can do. So I returned my book. I found a 9th edition of FB for $20 bucks. Honestly I don't want to quit because of a book. I want to progress in life, but it makes me upset because I'm paying them, yet not being considered to receive the same materials as the rest of the class.

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    Now you have a book that is yours to keep. Big deal.

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