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What would be the best device for this person.?

I know a low tech person who never owned a smart phone or computer but now wants to purchase something that would not be too much in price.  She wants to search the internet and use a computer without having to go to a library.  Any suggestions?  Thank you

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    1 month ago

    what does "use a computer" mean?

    sorry, but it doesn't make sense, you asking "what would be the best device" when you said she wants to "use a computer". doesn't that mean she wants a computer?

    what specifically does she need to do, other than browse web?

    print things? play games? if so, which games? does she prefer a mouse, or would touchscreen be okay? what about keyboard? does she need to connect a USB drive? will she want to print pictures? will she want to SAVE pictures, like from email? what about video chat?

    these are all important things to know...

  • 1 month ago

    A Motorola G7 power it's a very simple smartphone without a bunch of garbage and conserve the internet and the price is $200 or less

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    There are lots of good possibilities, including the Chromebook mentioned in your first answer.

    She might be perfectly content with a used-but-refurbished laptop on which a very few programs are installed. (I am in the process of stripping my oldest one to give to a low-tech friend who also uses the library for internet.) I'd give her one internet browser, one freebie word processor, one free media player, and a free antivirus.

    People who replace their laptops at regular intervals sometimes have the old ones sitting around and would literally give it to you for free if you tell them what your plans are for it.

    Be aware that your friend may not realize she will have to pay for internet at home.

  • Murzy
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    1 month ago

    a chrome book like they use in schools

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