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My husband refuses to let me get a tattoo? Does he have a point?

I'm 26 and I've always wanted a tattoo. My parents never allowed me to get one and than when I wanted to get one after 18, they threatened to disown me. I got married early last year to my husband. Hes a nice guy but he hates tattoos on women. He says it looks trashy and it I get one, he will divorce me immediately. He sounded very serious. I'm just tired of people telling me what to do. The tattoo I have in mind is not as crazy as everyone thinks. Its a small word tattoo and I want it on my collarbone. Does he have the right to tell me not to get it? Or am I making a big deal over it?

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    Your body your choice he has no say over it.

    A lot of the people replying to this post worry me, a tattoo does not make a woman trashy or less attractive. 

    Women over 55 can and do look great stop telling them their tattoos will look bad with age. 

    Stop defending a man who is trying to control his partner with threats of divorce if she chooses to follow her mind and not his. 

    Some people need to come out of the dark ages and realise that women are not here to look or act a certain way for you. Don't like tattoos don't look at them.

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    I personally hate tattoos. Apparently your husband does too. Decide which is more important, a tattoo or your husband. He has told you that you can't have both. This goes both ways....... there are things that you likely would not tolerate with your husband too.

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    1 month ago

    I don't give AF about how many TD's this will get, and am really disgusted at the archaic, HORRIBLE responses you've received so far. The point is: YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE. NO ONE has ANY RIGHT to tell you what you can and can't do with YOUR OWN GODDAMN BODY. This goes deeper than him hating tattoos. This is about CONTROL. You've been controlled your whole life it seems. So stop it.

    And again, the majority of people that answered are disgusting. I can't believe people are still so old-fashioned and idiotic. 

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    Your boy sounds like he escalates things quickly. Maybe he should humble himself so you guys can have a mature conversation about it. If what your getting has little to no meaning then it probably won't stand a good argument 

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    I take it he got married to you because he liked your character and probably your appearance to. Maybe he does not like someone to look like a Christmas tree. Like they say beauty comes from within.Did you see what tattoos look like od somebody who is like 55? Like a lady who has heavy mascara around her eyes and who has been crying, It may seem like the right thing at the moment to  yield to peer pressure but most people who had tattoos when they were young then regret that

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    1 month ago

    you typify what is wrong with the world and people

    tattoo being ugly and trashy is not the point 

    you choose to marry him to escape your parents and wanted carte blanche.. so your wedding vows were lies  

    you hate being told what to do,, so you should be living on your own single and RICH no matter where you go what you do, there will be some kind of person telling you what to do... there are people who run red lights with the same attitude you show here no matter how small hidden the tattoo is, it is trashy to many people and you married one,, if this was such a big desire before you married you should have done it and let him know you had it..  problem MONEY you did not earn enough to live as you wanted so you went from mom and dads money to your husbands moneyfreedom to do as you please requires huge amounts of personal responsibility,, that requires you earn enough to pay for all things you need and want even the president of the USA have people telling him what to do like it or not there is no carte blanche in life 

    Divorce and show the world we are wrong 

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    1 month ago

    This is just screwy.  You think you are making a big deal over a guy who threatens divorce if you don’t obey him.  A guy that thinks he has control over your body. 

    This is a very big deal. 

    See a divorce lawyer, get your ducks in a row. Then go get that tattoo girl 

    To tell you he really doesn’t like them and doesn’t want you to get one is ok to do in a relationship.    But not to threaten divorce if you don’t obey  his wishes. 

  • 1 month ago

    Your body, your choice. Plenty of other guys out there that don't mind ink on a woman.

  • 1 month ago

    tattoos mess up your blood and won't make you able to donate. healthcare LIBERALS ?

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    No he has no "right" to tell you not to get a tattoo. Of anything. What he has is a PREFERENCE, not a mandate. You can test it, if you feel you want to, but you  married this guy and he sounds like he's a controlling jerk, dictating how he thinks you should look and behave--and until you DO test his resolve here, you're stuck with it. 

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