Why do so many black Americans try to argue, annex, or amalgamate Hispanics, Latinos, Arabs, biracials, and others into their race?

At my job I'll have some black Americans that will tell me that I'm black, just because I have a little bit of black blood from my ancestors who came to Puerto Rico a long time ago.

I have ambiguously mixed features like a mulatto or mestizo, I don't look like a black person. So many black Americans are so colorstruck, they can't see a person for who they are, because the white man has groomed their minds into colorism, like the historic colloquial term "the one drop rule" where a person can be classified as black, just for having full or a little African blood.

The one drop rule only exists in America.

Another time I was in the grocery store shopping to buy some things and there was a group of men who were talking to each other in Arabic.

A black man tried to interrupt their conversation by telling them, "you're either a black man speaking another language or you're a white man speaking another language" and these men did not have any black features at all!!

To me it's a form of racial stratification. To me it puts whites on top, and anyone who is  not white at the bottom with black people, even when they don't want to associate themselves with black people.

Biracials must have it the worst, because they're forced to pick a side just like Latinos and middle easterners.

Black Americans have been to thinking like this for hundreds of years and I'm sick of it.

I'm not responsible for their plight or their history.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    mgith have something to do with the one drop rule.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Robert, your trump university education has a LOT of gaps in it.....There ARE black Arabs and white Arabs.  I have never heard of black Latinos though.  Is this a new race that has been created?  The SOLUTION to your dilemma is for people to BREED within their race, THEN there's no identity crisis.  I have NO problem with inter-racial MARRIAGE but I DO take issue with them having children because it is ALWAYS the CHILDREN who suffer because of their parents' selfishness.

  • 4 weeks ago

    The truth is 95 percent of people on this planet are mixed to some degree. The average African American is just under a quarter European.That makes them racially comparable to a lot of Latinos, (current) Caribbean Islanders, and some other parts of the Americas (like Belize). The only difference being European countries of origin. 

    A lot of people in the US use basic racial terms to denote what a person is mostly described as. So I am perceived as "Black." The big difference is I use that term to denote African American and Afro Puerto Rican. I often say that I am not that racially different than African Americans, but I am very culturally (ethnically) different. I mean... A person can register with a Native American tribe with only 1/66th of blood. If what Black Americans say concerns you, then that should also raise an eyebrow. Period.   

    That being said: Both sides need to be logical. If someone is one quarter African and chooses not to identify as such: So be it. Plenty of people live their whole lives not knowing every part of who they are. It is problematic when this happens due to racism/self-hatred, but it's not inherently harmful. That being said: You are part of the plight. Why? Latino history is riddled with colorism (Blanqueamiento), and even outright racism (Antihaitianismo). The issues are there. There's a lot of outright denial of African (not American) contributions to who and what we are. Some may think it's not as severe as the US, but in my experience colorism and racism are both much more socially acceptable in some Latino communities.



    I have an African American mother. Both of these men have a darker skin tone than me. Very few people in Cuba that look like Yoel identify as Afro-Cuban. But why? It doesn't make any sense. Race is a different conversation than ethnicity. That isn't to say that he should be considered African American. He barely speaks English, and spent most of his life in Cuba. But dude.... Plantanos aren't indigenous to the Americas. They came from Africa. Ever heard of Santeria? Just saying. Lots of Latino things are influenced by or come straight from Africa. I'm pushy about this just like Black Americans are. Let that part of Latino culture shine like everything else.  Colorism is a big problem in Latin America. Maybe you don't see it, but I've dealt with it. My own family has hounded me to date people with a lighter skin tone. A lot of Latinos aren't unaware that saying that is offensive.

    I'm not saying you have to put yourself in any box. I identify as "Black (to include Afro-Latino) and Latino."  Ignorant people exists in all racial groups. No one has ever pegged me as being Latino upon first meeting me. I don't "look" Puerto Rican. If you have a racial profile similar to Africans or African Americans: You have every right to be offended when they try put you in a cultural box that you're not a part of. But there's also a chance you are racially similar to them. So you need to acknowledge that as well. You aren't making things better by denying it. Be mature enough to inform people that your culture and upbringing is different. Maybe you don't want to have a conversation about race. That's fine. But if you look like me or the pictures I've shown: Stop hating yourself. 

    Source(s): I'm Puerto Rican, African American, and Native American. I'm basically the normal Puerto Rican profile. 60 percent African, 30 percent European, and 10 percent indigenous. Although I have indigenous ancestry from both of my parents. https://hiplatina.com/colorism-within-the-latino-c... https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2014/12/genetic-st...
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    4 weeks ago

    Depends, if a Hispanic is involved in a crime, they would say he is white. If he does something good, they would say he is black/Latino

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  • 4 weeks ago

    The "black" people who do this simply don't know who they are yet. If they knew who they truly are, they wouldn't identify as "black" first of all, and second, they surely wouldn't claim any of you.   

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    White men aren't responsible for their brainwashed stupid racism either.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Some latin americans are black

  • 4 weeks ago

    The definition of 'black' in the USA was anyone who was not 100% white.  This became a little more complicated in the west in the past 100 years where they are lots of people who can trace their ancestry to Mexico or Asia. (anywhere in Asia).  Now that we have DNA to trace our linage, things get more complicated.   People from Spain or Italy may be very European, but darker than those from Scandinavian countries.  The real world is complicated.  Too complicated for a lot of people, so they simplify it to suit their needs.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    They sure as hell didn't do that with George Zimmerman and Miya Ponsetto. 

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