Autistic people getting famous; is that a problem?


This is a hard question.

It is about people with autism etc, becoming famous.

I know that Susan Boyle was someone that had autism, and she got famous; and I think that it was because people wanted to give someone with autism an opportunity for fame, that she got so far. This sends a positive message to the world, that disability should not stop people achieving great things in life. She made hundreds of millions of dollars.

I know of an autistic person that really really wants to be famous, and well known.... He tried to do things through many methods to get fame; art and music, or singing; but it wasn't very successful unfortunately. He got very depressed.

He then decided to start a YouTube channel about his autism, which enables him to educate others about what it is like to have autism.

He did this, so that he can pursue being famous. Now he is getting masses of likes and subscriptions like you have never seen, thousands and thousands and thousands.


Unfortunately some people criticized him, saying that he should not be using his autism to get famous; that he should be doing this only to help educate people (which he does want to do a bit as well, but that isn't his main objective). They claim that this was underhanded, crafty, deceitful for manipulating people with his autism to make him famous.

Update 2:

Other people disagree, saying that he should have an opportunity to get fame no matter what; and that he is not harming anyone, and that he is helping so many people by teaching them about autism; and that if anything, he has earned the fame and should be proud.

Update 3:

Now the autistic person was very upset by the people criticizing him. He was saying that Susan Boyle got well known, and she does not refuse to be famous or rich, just because she knows that her autism is getting people's attention in the same ways respectively.

Update 4:

Tell me what you think of this controversial issue.

Is he wrong or right for doing this fame attempt on YouTube?

Update 5:


I don't think I am going to know one way or the other, whether people think it is morally wrong to use their own autism as a means of obtaining fame.Some are saying it is morally wrong, and others are saying it was morally acceptable.  I think that I have given up trying to figure it out, I just can't.  But I still don't think that they are harming anyone, and it is good if it benefits loads of people (just because of one person doing something controversial).

Update 6:

@Anonymous - **** OFF!

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Ken, you’ve posted this over and over and over again. I strongly suspect YOU are the autistic person who started a You Tube channel to advertise his autism. This isn’t about a friend of yours. If this IS about your friend, why are you so involved in his life?

    Here’s the difference. Kodi Lee (and I’m pretty sure he would prefer not to have his identity linked to your identify) has TALENT. He isn’t trying to educate the world. I don’t know that Kodi Lee “know that his autism is getting people’s attention in the same ways respectively.” He’s a talented entertainer. He is NOT making a political statement.

    No, if you post on line you need thicker skin than you apparently have. It is NOT harassment or bullying to respond to someone’s You Tube any way you WANT to respond to that person’s You Tube. I, for example, see all of your questions on this same topic. That makes me question what you can teach anyone about anything on You Tube or anywhere else. And, once again, don’t you have parents who are aware of what you post and how easily you can be identified?

    I think you are overreacting AND pretending this isn’t about you is actually lying.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    This person (if he's even real, which I take leave to DOUBT) is getting criticism because he's trying to use his Autism in a way that's not appropriate. There are millions of people with mild Autism that have led and continue to lead normal lives in every sense of the word. Most of them don't draw attention to themselves, however. That's certainly true in the case of Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, and it was also true for the late Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple computer. Both of these men had or have mild Autism. And I personally know someone who has mild Autism and is an engineer with a PhD. He works for NASA,doing research on a variety of topics relating to space travel and space technology. But he doesn't draw attention to himself, nor does he try to use his Autism as a way to gain acceptance, let alone fame. THAT is what is rubbing the critics of this person the wrong way. Everyone wants to be accepted and loved by the people around them- that's human nature, and it's a primal drive that we are all born with. But using something like Autism as a way to gain fame and make money is just WRONG, and it sends the wrong message.

    I have mild Autism myself, and while I lead a normal life by most standards, I don't use my disability to draw attention to myself. I also don't much like what Susan Boyle did. She has some singing talent, yes, but people should be focusing on THAT, instead of on the fact that she's also Autistic. SO WHAT. Autism isn't something to be ashamed of. It's NOT a disease. Autistic people aren't "sick" and we aren't "broken". These days, there is much too much emphasis on political correctness and nowhere near enough on peoples' real abilities, talents, and gifts, no matter what they may be. From gay athletes in professional sports to transgender people who want to serve in the armed forces (something that Trump tried to ban permanently) people who have disabilities or who are in any way "different" than the accepted norms are being JUDGED by their "differences" in ways that aren't always appropriate. Susan Boyle is an example of this. The fact that she happens to be on the Autism spectrum shouldn't matter to others, but it obviously DOES, or she wouldn't have found fame. And encouraging people to use something like a disability to become famous is wrong.

  • edward
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    People should be able to be famous regardless of race, gender and religion.  There were issues when black people weren’t allowed to vote.  There were issues when gay people were less than.  I mean where does it stop?  Everyone should be treated equally.  

  • 1 month ago

    Susan Boyle became famous because of her talent and a bit of luck, not her autism.  Not out of pity.  Succeeding is not a problem

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  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    i think its possible for them to become famous

  • 1 month ago

    That is not the reason Susan Boyle got famous. Subo got famous because she looked weird but could sing. (Simon Cowell has a preference for such people and pushes them) At that point nobody knew she was autistic and she was just considered "thick" at school. She didn't find out it was autism until after she got rich and employed an educational psychologist to assess her, it was only then she realised she isn't stupid, well after she was famous.

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