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Breast Augmentation... Regrets?

I would love to know how many of you love/how many of you regret getting your boobs done and why. Specifically interested in the woman who have had them for years and may be a little older. In addition, have you had any issues with your breast implants?

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    I had saline implants for over 15 years, and a few years ago I had them removed.  I couldn't stand them.  I am petite, and had the smallest implant available at the time (my choice to go with smallest).  At first I liked them, but years later realized that not only were they heavy, but they made me look heavier than I was (115).  They can add weight to your figure and yet no one realizes it.  I wanted my trim figure back and could've cared less about having larger breasts.  My normal size is 34b and I am so glad I had the implants removed. No issues with them but I didn't like sleeping with them either.  Think carefully before you decide, but I don't recommend them.

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    I was always small chested -barely filled an A cup at 21. When I had my babies I breast fed them which stretched them a lot. With my second baby I got mastitis, an infection, and my boobs swelled to nearly an F cup and then deflated to empty droopy sacks of nothing. I got a lift and implants and got myself a nice set of C sized sweater puppies. I've never had any regrets and no one can tell they aren't original equipment. The surgeon had everything from soft and natural human size implants to hard giant "porn star plastic" as he called them. I've never had any issues and I have never had a single regret. And at well over 50 the puppies are still perky and bouncy. I've heard the horror stories but I've never had any problems that could be linked to implants. I had a severe thyroid disorder and at 40 I was diagnosed with Celiac but those have no link whatsoever to implants.

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    1 month ago

    I'm a 14 year old guy, why would I have breast implants you idiot,

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