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How can I too have a bountiful harvest from thine garden this year?

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    Soil is the first key to great harvest. Lay down a layer of 3 ply newspaper where you're going to plant. Apply 3 inches of compost to the top (don't dig; it disturbs worms and fungal colonies.) Do that now, assuming you're in the northern hemisphere, and by your last frost date, you'll be ready to plant. Every autumn hereafter, apply another inch of compost to the garden once you've harvested. (don't rake the leaves first. Leave them there under the compost.)

    Then it's a matter of good choice of varieties (often F1 hybrids produce better and have better disease resistance. Look up AAS winners for some good choices), keeping bugs from eating it all (walk the garden every day. If you're growing kale and broccoli, you'll likely be fighting cabbage loopers, so you'll need to spray with BT. If you have squash, you'll likely get squash pests and need to look up up safe, organic methods for getting rid of them.) Never kill wasps, for they eat pest insects, and never kill bees, because you need them for pollination, and that's why you want to stay organic in your methods of pest control. Put out a bird bath for the birds, so they come and eat pest insects.

    Don't crowd plants. Mulch them (I use last autumn's leaves, chopped up, which the worms love to eat). And finally, optimal watering. If it rains 1-2 inches every week, you're fine. If it doesn't you'll have to water to make up for the shortfall.

    I grow all the fruits and veg I need to eat for a year, and that's how i do it.

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    You are already late, but start now by deep digging the soil and adding composted organics.   Add so much organic that the garden soil is higher than the surrounding natural ground.

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