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what's the best driving route across states?

My friend and I are moving next week from Phoenix, AZ to Omaha, NE. Since we're moving in the middle of winter we're trying to avoid the harsh weather and mountains in our 2 wheel drive car. What would be the best route to take? thanks!

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    I would go north from Phoenix to Flagstaff, then take I-40 to Tucumcari, New Mexico, then take Hwy. 54 to Mullinville, Kansas.  Then you could take Hwy. 400 to Pratt, then Hwy. 61 to Wichita.  I-35 and I-335 would take you to Topeka, then straight north on Hwy. 75 to Omaha.  I think that would be the shortest way.  Check weather forecast for the bigger cities you will be going through.  If the weather is bad between Phoenix and Flagstaff, you could take I-10 to Las Cruces, then go north on I-25 to I-40.

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    Look into the countries loneliest highway running far from north west going east. Try to avoid it. If your anywhere in the situation you can't avoid it. That's why it's lonely.

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    The best course relies upon the climate when that you are driving.

    One individual proposed I-40, which is fine except if it snows when you drive. At whatever point a good tempest experiences New Mexico, I-40 gets shut through the Tijeras Canyon east of Albuquerque. Considerably more snow can close it in different pieces of AZ, NM.

    Up to a blizzard doesn't experience just before you hit a territory, you will be find. When the snow stops and the interstates are furrowed, there isn't any issue getting past.

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    Take I 40 through Albuquerque to Oklahoma City and then I 35 north to Emporia where you pick up I 335 to Topeka. Then US 75 north to Omaha. It's npt the shortest or fastest route but it does avoid going through the Raton Pass near Trinidad, CO which can be dangerous in the winter if the weather is bad. The weather isn't always bad there though; it's often fine for travel.

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    The best route depends on the the weather on the days that you are driving.

    One person suggested I-40, which is fine unless it snows when you drive.  Whenever a decent storm goes through New Mexico, I-40 gets closed through the Tijeras Canyon east of Albuquerque.  Even more snow can close it in other parts of AZ, NM, TX, and OK.  

    As long as a snow storm doesn't go through right before you hit an area, you will be find.  Once the snow stops and the highways are plowed, there isn't any problem getting through. 

    Looks like Farid just took a thesaurus to my answer or ran it back and forth through Google Translate a few times. 

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    Then go east across the south, through Texas (Las Cruces, Fort Worth/Dallas), and then north. The mountains run from northern Canada all the way down into Mexico, so there's no real way to avoid them but the further south you are the warmer it will be in them. But hey, it's winter. You are going to encounter winter conditions at some point. Can't be helped. Anywhere north of Dallas it's going to start getting cold.

    If you don't have snow tires now, then get them now. You'll need them when you get there, if not along the way. SNOW tires, proper winter tires, not all-seasons. All-weather might be okay, but not as good as real snow tires. Unless it's really snowy on the road, you can do just fine with two-wheel drive if you have the right tires and don't insist on driving fast. Back in the day, no one had 4WD unless they were going off-road, and people got through winter anyway.

    Check the weather forecasts--I use you can also check road condition reports if you think the weather's going to be nasty. Buy a road atlas. Reception can be poor away from cities so a paper map can be very useful to figure out where you are.

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    Adds a few hundred miles:


    Hang a left in OKC to I-35

    At Emporia continue straight to I-335

    Wiggle around Topeka on I-470 and I-70 for a bit

    Head north at I-75.

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