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Infested apartment ?

My apartment is infested with squirrels and rats in the roof. This has been going on for about 1yr and  I’ve told my landlord about this issue multiple times. They sent a maintenance man by and all he did was come and check a couple of times and said he didn’t hear or see anything. Also, my hot water heater went out 3 times, and it’s loud and the water makes my skin itch badly. They won’t replace the hot water heater and on top of that they are increasing everyone’s rent by $75. What should I do?

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    prepare to move when your lease expires.  -- grampa   [ps: the hot water heater has nothing to do with your skin itching ... if that's the water at all (most common cause is the soap and/or shampoo), it'll be the same everywhere in the same water authority's service area.]

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