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Cocktail help urgent?

Please I need help to understand why does my cocktail bleed right between his nose? today I removed him from his cage to play with him on my balcony and everything went fine he didn't bump into anything,  when I returned him back to the cage after a minute I realised that his beak is bleeding, also I realised some red spots like blood under his wings could this be a normal thing??? There's not vets opened near me cause of the lock down, I need some urgent advice please 🥺

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  • 4 weeks ago

    my advice is to ring an emergency vet

  • 1 month ago

    The blood if ONLY where you see it in the picture, may be from one of his nails. The blood under his wings, if not from a broken blood feather, is from the spot between his nostrils.

    As for being normal? Blood on the outside of his body is normal from an injury, broken blood feather, scratch that breaks the skin, a puncture wound in his skin or beak. 

    So just like with humans, anytime you see, blood, bones or brains, outside of the body, is an issue and not normal. 

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