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If the United Irishmen beat the British in 1798 what would have happened to the Orange Order & sectarianism between Catholics Protestants?

Would Irish Roman Catholics and Protestants live in peace and harmony in 32 county secular prosperous Irish Republic.


Ghost of Christmas Past  North Protestants where involved in 1798.

Update 2:

Anonymous wrong

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    The United Irishmen's attempts to set up a national government in Ireland failed mainly because of sectarian divisions.  

    The United Kingdom were in a position to use overwhelming force to put down the rebellion and if they'd lost the battle, they certainly wouldn't have lost the war. 

    If independence from the United Kingdom had come 150 years earlier, the North would have still rejected it and petitioned to remain part of a United Kingdom. 

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    No. Without the British you would have had 300 years of civil war.

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