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Does soft/hard water change the type of poops you have?

Does hard or soft water change your poops?

I visit my boyfriends house often and for long periods of time, usually weeks at a time, and then I spend weeks back home. He lives an hours drive away from me, a county over.

When I’m with him, I poop once a day, and they’re normal poops. Quick and easy, healthy. When I’m at home, I poop maybe 2 or 3 times a day if not more, and it’s always diarrhoea and usually almost explosive - like I’ll need to run to the toilet. Nothing changes in my diet from being at his compared to here, But my mother suggested it could be the water? She said that our tap water is hard water and theirs could be soft, due to location. He lives more in a countryside town and I live in more of w big city town, so it could make sense, but I’m not sure how water can contribute to my poops being this bad.

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