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I feel like I’m too boring to be around anyone... I feel like no one enjoys my company ?

I am 27 years old female happily married with 2 kids. My social skills aren’t all that... and I’m quiet and to myself. I feel like when I’m around people I’m too boring. I can’t keep a conversation going and I have no humor skills. This makes me insecure not liking to hang out with anyone. Is there anything I can do to change this or is it something I was born with?  

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    Too, boring! Look, you are not anymore boring than the next person you might talk with.  Stop thinking in that way, and just talk with people.  I am sure you can talk very well; I like to talk with almost anyone, and if you could be near me I would have to talking and laughing and feeling great all the time.  Just don't hold back; got something to say, say it, that is what everyone else is doing.

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    Not everyone is a born conversationalist. But everyone can learn to be a good listener, and a good listener is never short of company and appreciation.

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    Uhh?  Where is your husband?  Get a husband that isn't a loser.  Your husband should be helping you.  Introducing you to people and helping you get involved in conversations.  I know you probably say he does.  Though he clearly isn't or you would not feel like this.  Get a man who is open to helping you since your husband wont

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    You were born to be a mother. Take care of your beautiful kids and dont worry about nothing else.

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    Hey, you’re not the only one! Although I am not married or have kids, I tend to make people feel awkward, but I blame it on my “quirky” more weird personality. For one, it might be difficult to have in person conversations, but maybe practice pen palling? Do you feel judgement? What is this insecurity and when did you first notice it? I used to write in a journal and I think that opened my eyes a lot when it comes to dealing with social situations. I get social anxiety, but over the years, I’ve learned to accept that I will not get along with everyone or be liked by everyone, there will be people you can connect with, it’s just a matter of who comes along. Don’t force yourself to change because of an insecurity. People don’t know your insecurities unless you display it for them to see

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    At this point in time with the Covid virus, you shouldn't be socializing.  You are perfectly fine for now but you could do some research on how to pull yourself out of these fears.  Learn ways to like yourself.  One way to keep a conversation going is to ask questions about the other person.  People like to talk about themselves & if you can get them talking about themselves you can keep that going. oR find a topic you know something about.

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    You have plenty to do looking after your children, as a good woman should.

    Reject the poisonous anti-human brainwashing that pretends women get their value by trying to copy men. The hypocrisy is obvious. Feminists hate women for their reproduction, and your question is because of that.

  • Can relate since I'm kinda the same way (just not married and no kids), but it IS something you can change. Just gotta keep at it, is all. 

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