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How did Muslims defeat the Romans and Byzantines?

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    Muslims never defeated the Romans. The united Roman Empire ended in 395, the Muslim Empire rose in the 7th century.

    The Byzantine Empire was defeated by several enemies: Crusaders (1204), Seljuqs/Ottomans, Arabs, Bulgarians, Normans, Avars, Slavs, Venetians and also, they had civil wars, especially among the nobility. They all contributed to the fall of the Byzantine Empire.

    It also must be pointed out that the religion of peace attacked the Byzantine Empire from the very start.

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    The Muslims were lucky enough to come along and exactly the right time. The Byzantines had just fought a 20 year knock down drag out with the Sassanian Empire. They were exhausted and broke. The Sassanians themselves were the same, as well as the fact that the plague had denuded large areas of what is now Iraq of people. Neither empire was in any kind of shape to fight a long war with the Muslims

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    Because the Muslims came along at a lucky time of history for them the 600'sAD. At that time the East Roman Empire and the Persian Empire had just clobbered each other in the longest ancient war to date. Persia lay crippled, the East Romans were exhausted broke and out of troops. 

    For 634AD all the Muslims had to do was walk in and take over. It wasn't really a legit 'defeat' it was more like a 'walkover'. They killed off Persia for good and knocked the East Romans back to just Turkey and Greece where they became the Byzantines.

    If the Muslims had come out of the desert and attacked the Roman and Persian Empires when those empires were strong the Muslims would not have stood a chance.

    *The last big ancient war that knocked out both the Romans and Persians is now called Byzantine- Sasanian War (589-630AD).  

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    The Western Roman Empire had fallen before the Islam was a thing.  The Eastern Roman Empire morphed into the Byzantine Empire with the capital of Constantinople held out for another 1,000 years and fell to the Turks in 1453.

    In the 11th and 12th centuries the Byzantine Empire, sitting astride the trade routes from the East to the West became fabulously wealthy.  At the time, Venice was an upstart economic power house and, seeking to get rid of an economic rival, schemed to divert the Forth Crusade to attack Constantinople in 1203. The city was given to crusaders to sack for three days.  Many treasures were destroyed or carried away. The four horses in front of St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice, for example, are part of the booty carried off by the crusaders.  The crusaders ruled Constantinople for about 60 years; during this time the population of the city decreased from about 400,000 to just 35,000.  Most of the vacant buildings were vandalized or demolished for their building materials.

    After the sack of Constantinople the Byzantine Empire lost many of its key recourses and was in decline.  A series of civil wars, military defeats, earthquakes and Black Death in 1347 followed.  In 1453 the the Ottoman Empire army led by Sultan Mehmet II used gunpowder artillery to pound down the city walls and took Constantinople after a seven-week siege.

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    they didn't they defeated themselves as the west is now , complacenc y arrogance and greed rots any construction the maintenance gets neglected, its easily defeated by a mere virus 

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