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Do fat people feel the heat more in summer?

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    Yes, I believe it does. Fat insulates, which means it does not transfer heat very well. I often notice when it is hot that fat people find the conditions more challenging. However, I also note that they often cope better with cold weather. The latter helps support the idea it is the fat insulting them. In summer they struggle to lose heat. The same applies in winter so they do not feel the cold as much because they retain body heat better.

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    Fat insulates. People who are adapted to cold climates, such as Europeans, tend to have more fat under the skin than Africans, who are adapted to hot climates. When there is a heat wave in Europe or India, lots of people die of heat strokes. Many people from India have ancestors who evolved in the cold climate of ice age Europe. Not only does it feel hotter in hot weather, but fat people can more easily die due to hyperthermia.

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    I'm fat, and love how days, especially windy hot days. That's always been my preference. Was skinny once too, so weight didn't change it for me. Actually, the ocean regulates temperature for coastal cities. Coastal cities, especially west coast, have smaller fluctuations in temperature. I've got an ocean of fat on me, but I'd still rather be thin. I probably only burn 700 calories a day as a truck driver. It isn't gluttony, it's hard working sloth. So whatever category that puts me in....

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