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Will most women’s athletic scholarships soon go to transgender women (biological males)?

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    Yes.  I can just picture a college recruiting with a photo of male presenting athletes running across a finish line ahead of the female contestants and saying how they welcome transgender females in the name of diversity and inclusion.   Colleges will award scholarships to whomever will perform best on the women's team and odds are many of those will be transgender women.  Once a few colleges start doing this, others will have no choice but to follow.  It will become a competition to see who can buy the top transgender athletes who can outperform female athletes.  

  • 1 month ago

    Trans ladies joining female games circle will be a distinct advantage surely. I can't help thinking about the number of ppg will zaya swim get when she joins the wbna. She'll be the female MJ haha

  • hi
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    1 month ago

    nineteenthly..Wearing make up or high heels doesn't change the fact that you have xy chromosomes ..Baby males in womb produce testosterone .  Liberalism is so evil...they promote homosexuality , transgenderism, abortion etc

    have a good day Mr.

  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    There's a big difference between a MTF transperson who transitioned prior to puberty and one who transitioned after puberty. The former has no real physical advantage because hormone blockers stopped the infusion of testosterone that presages the development of the height, done density and muscular of male sex traits. Then courses of estrogen caused the body to develop more like that of a biological female. It's only when a person born biologically male goes through puberty, is taller, does have stronger bones and heavier musculature then begins transition that they have physical advantages over biological females. Why our laws and Executive Orders lack the nuance to see this difference is puzzling (and troubling). But yes, later in life transitions would give those individuals an advantage. In short, someone like Kim Petras who transitioned early isn't the same as someone like Caitlyn Jenner who did it after all the male physical markers were developed.

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  • tim
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    1 month ago

    Trans women joining female sports sphere will be a game changer indeed. I wonder how many ppg will zaya wade get when she joins the wbna. She'll be the female MJ lol

  • 1 month ago

    Hopefully they will stop this BULLSHIT SURGERY and kids will once again HAVE A BRAIN.

  • Bill
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    1 month ago

    The order bans male and female leagues and makes them all co-ed. If men actually humor this order women can say good bye to athletic scholarships.

    And btw, the government declaring that men and women can't have their own leagues is a pretty clear violation of the right to association. 

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    "Will most women’s athletic scholarships soon go to transgender women (biological males)?"

    If they are going to treat transgendered male-women as women, like they are mandated to, then the quick answer is Yes.  Male women will dominate all aspects of "women's sports" for sure in pretty much everything except for gymnastics where the female sex is advantaged by design there.  Everywhere else in sports where muscle mass and lung capacity play a larger role, male's will always beat females whether those males identify as men or women.

    Ultimately, this is going to smash feminism into two camp whereby one of them is going to begin denying the long held assertion that "gender is a social construct".  That camp will be at odds with the progression of "feminism" that led them into critical theory via intersectionality.  The latest "intersection" is what they call "trans women" (transexual male>female, otherwise known as male women).  The major branch of feminism in power -has to- accept "trans women" as an oppressed group, because that is how critical theory works.  To deny any part of critical theory will lead to being "cancelled".  So this is going to be quite interesting to watch feminism eat itself over this issue.

    It was only a matter of time really.  I'm surprised how so much of what harms women has passed as "empowerment" under feminism.  It took men becoming women,  the completely sullying of a women's advocacy movement, as the final threshold for some self proclaimed feminists to finally resist the radical leadership's direction. Of course, many more are fully invested in the current feminism through indoctrination.  So this is going to be an interesting, multi-generatonal long fight.


  • Audrey
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    1 month ago

    Of course Bidet has made sure of that.

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    All I can say is that I have never had even the slightest interest in sport and regardless of how much I exercise, I am never going to be as strong as the average man, and this is because my body doesn't respond much to testosterone.  I imagine most other trans women are the same.

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