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Can I get HIV this way?!?

 About 15-16 days ago I came down with flu like symptoms. High fevers, chills, body aches etc and though it was Covid right away so went to get tested for it but it was negative. ( this happened to most of my friends but until they got the antibody test it came out positive ) so fast forward to today, I took the antibody test about 15 days after I got sick and it was NEGATIVE. Now here’s why I’m freaking out. A month before I got sick, I had gotten a hair cut from my barber, he accidentally cut me and I start bleeding. He then proceeds to pull out this small bottle of styptic powder I believe which clogs up blood for nicks and cuts and dabs it on his finger and then my forehead and repeats. Immediately I get scared because my blood touched that bottle and immediately thought that what if he did that to other people and there blood is on that. And now I got HIV?! Is this possible or am is that entirely impossible. Now my head is going crazy believing that’s why I got sick a month later because he gave me HIV from that little


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  • If by pulling out a bottle of styptic powder you really mean he pulled out his penis and ejaculated on your cut forehead and he’s HIV positive, then yes, there is about a .01% chance you could have contracted HIV.

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    you caught hypochondriac trollitis

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    he would literally had to have done the same thing to another person within less than an hour before doing that to you, the HIV virus can not live outside the human body and the maximum time it has been recorded to survive outside the human body was less than an hour, and this was under controlled lab conditions were the virus was double the load you would see in a human, so the possibilities of him transferring HIV/AIDs to you this way is so unlikely that most people would say it is impossible 

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  • 1 month ago are really reaching for that HIV...dont matter how many obstacles are in the way you are determined to make the logic fit.  but it doesnt.  unless he had just cut someone else 5 mintues before, didnt clean the knife then, cut you hard enough  and then licked the blood up and spit it into your wound...then maybe i could agree with you.

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