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How long does it take the liver to recover?

I had a blood test a year ago that detected elevated liver enzymes (AST 67, ALT 81).  I've had 2 blood tests since then in which enzymes were elevated, but less than the first one.


Since the first blood test, I've cut way back on drinking.  I used to drink about a 12-pack per week (more between 2003-2010).  Over the past year, I've been averaging 2 drinks per week, if even that.


I had an ultrasound in September, and while my liver enzymes were elevated, the ultrasound came back normal.   I go for another blood test on Feb 8, and I'm nervous.  


I had a total of 6 drinks between Halloween and now (3 of which were during NYE weekend, and the other 3 were around Thanksgiving).  I don't take any supplements, but I was using a lot of Advil Nov-Dec.


So my main question is this:  Is 5 weeks of complete teetotaling and a year of minimal alcohol intake sufficient for the liver to recover?


For context:  I'm male, 39, healthy weight, regular exercise, healthy diet, and otherwise healthy.  No symptoms.  Tested negative for viral hep.  I had normal liver enzymes in 2009 and 2018, but those are the only 2 I've had prior to now.


Diane A - Thanks for your input, this is helpful information.  I've had blood tests in April and September of last year, and the September results were about 12 points higher than the April results.  And in the April result, AST was only 42 - barely elevated at all, and ALT was 64.  Does this change your answer any?

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    those elevations are really minor, and coming down, so I would spend no time worrying about them at all. The liver is not very damaged if at all based on those numbers. You may always be a bit "elevated" keeping  in mind, normals are not set in stone.

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