What do you think about Event 201?

Some people did something, maybe? Just looking for thoughts and insights! Thanks in advance! 😇


Yeah, I am far from convinced that it was just coincidence.  Thanks for answering!  Stay safe..

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  • larry1
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    1 month ago
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    I think it's very odd/ kind of scary.

    Event 201 was a real exercise done in Oct. 2019, a pandemic war game put on by the Bill-Melinda Gates Foundation-World Economic Forum-John Hopkins Medical 'modeling' a modern pandemic almost exactly like the Covid-19 pandemic that would strike in reality just 4 months later in Feb. 2020.

    Perhaps academics, rich foundations, bureaucrats put on these 'what if' wargames all the time as they have nothing better to do...but it's uncanny...and a huge coincidence...especially with communist China being the source of the real Covid-19 pandemic. 

    IMO It should be investigated if there is any connection between the VIP 'game' the communist Chinese and the real Covid-19.  

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