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Is the concept of “fair share” more subjective than we think it is?

I mean, think about it. Is Wealth is meant to be redistributed or created? How am I entitled to anyone else’s earnings other than my own? Who am I to decide how much of somebody else’s money I should take? Isn’t philanthropy a better way of helping the less fortunate than government confiscation of money? If we want businesses to create more jobs, shouldn’t they keep more of what they pocket?

Important questions to ask, right?

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    I don't know - I already think that what is "fair" is extremely subjective. 

    What is "fair" depends on who you are asking, and what their views and circumstances are. 

    Regarding your follow-up questions, you're asking a lot - "Is wealth meant to be redistributed or created" - that's not an "either or question". Wealth is created. Whether it is "meant" to be redistributed - again, depends on who you ask. I think that some redistribution is called for when a great deal of wealth is concentrated in a few hands and there are many who lack basic necessities. You might disagree. 

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    If all the billionaires were Bill Gates and donates billions, then fine.  But they don't.  They possess more wealth than they could use in 100 lifetimes.  That's pointless when there are people literally dying because they cannot afford food, etc.

    If I gave you $5000 a day, you'd have a million dollars in 200 days, or about 7 months.  If I gave you $5000 a day, it would take you 548 YEARS to have a billion dollars.  

    Jeff Bezos could spend 100K a day for the next 4900 years and not run out of money.

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