Dress Code change - has my manager handled this well?

From next month our company is completely changing the dress code policy from business casual to formal. I work in retail and though I'm not public facing I will admit that the standard has gradually slipped,  Until recently we had a manager who I liked but he was very easy going and he probably could have tightened up the dress standard.

We now have a new manager who I also like, she goes much more by the book and although she is always well dressed herself I’m not aware of if she has spoken to anyone about their standard of dress.This week at a department meeting our manager told us that she fully supported the change to a formal dress code and reiterated that this must be strictly adhered to at all times. After asking if anyone had any questions she then told us that if she does see anyone not complying in any way for which she gave examples of any male member of staff not wearing a tie or female member of staff not wearing tights she will formally discipline them.I don’t really have a problem with the change, though I was really surprised that she mentioned disciplining staff for things such as male members of staff like myself if we are seen not wearing a tie, it just seemed over the top to me. However some colleagues felt it was a good way to ensure we all know where we stand with this. She is a young manager and as she hasn’t been here long I’m not sure how much management experience she has. Would you say she has handled this well or not?

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  • 1 month ago

    It sounds standard.  There are no exceptions,  even if some employees are not seen by customers. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Your manager informed you of the change in advance, made sure you understood, and made sure you understand what will happen if you don't follow the policy.   Sounds correct to me.

    The dress code itself sounds weird and rather unfriendly to certain people, but that's not what you asked.

  • 1 month ago

    I see no problem. 

    The change won’t be popular with everyone (I’d hate it) but she’s announced very clearly what she wants and and made very clear to all how seriously she regards the matter. 

    New managers often have to crack the whip when they start to underline the change of leadership and ensure that they’re listened to.

    Nothing you have written suggests that she has made this change and announcement in an improper way.

    Depending upon the laws where you live though, the insistence upon ladies wearing tights and men wearing ties could be illegal. She can enforce a dress code but in many countries now she cannot make it gender-specific.

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