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Repairing Shampoo/Conditioner/Deep condition Mask /Leave in Conditioner? ?

Does anyone know a good Repairing Shampoo/Conditioner/Deep condition Mask/Leave in Conditioner?  I used to use Pro naturals and it looks like they went out of business ? It's a shame b/c that stuff worked great !!

Can someone advise on an excellent Repairing Shampoo/Conditioner/Deep condition/Leave in Conditioner? I have long hair and it is a fine texture. I've tried a lot of products (Redken, Kerastase , Pureology) and all that seems to work for me is Pantene Pro-V (which I've been told is not the best to use long term)...I'm 33 - dirty blonde / slight gray root. Wavy hair but I don't straighten it.Only the front area where the "bangs" would be and I use Biosilk oil before straighten them. Their shampoo / conditioner doesn't work on my hair, just the oil. 

Any advice would be much appreciated ! 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    OGX shampoos and conditioners. They also have conditioning packets. I have been using their products since they hit the shelves. Excellent product.

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