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Do any states in the US require a drug test to apple for a Handgun permit? Id rather not say the state I live in. The application asks if?

I am a user or addicted to drugs. I just like to recreationally smoke marijuana with my friends on 2 or 3 weekends a month. Its crazy that you can smoke a few times a month and be deemed an addict but I know people who drink every day and got the permit easily, never asked how much alcohol they drink


How would my background check flush it out? I got a copy of my background check from my employer and there is nothing on it about drugs, and also Ive never been caught or charged so how would they know I play a little poker and smoke in a friend's basement?

Update 2:

Also, it is not for a concealed gun permit, just permit to purchase a handgun

Update 3:

LOL you got me, Im from NC. Dang....

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  • BBean
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    1 month ago

    Got to admit that a couple of questions on the 4473 form do have a bit of ambiguity. Thankfully, the burden of proof rests upon the shoulders of the accusers. If everyone that ran for public office were disqualified for what they did in younger years....we would have very few presidents and congress members. Use common sense when reading all forms. If you are totally dependent upon a certain non-legal item to make your day then maybe start seeking professional advice and not the YA bunch.(even though there could be some very helpful answers)  

  • Adam D
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    1 month ago

    The question is on a federal form, so lying is a federal crime.  You're not considered an addict, you're considered a user of illegal drugs, which is what the questions asks.

    I am unaware of any state currently drug testing for firearms permits of any kind.  Most don't require a permit to purchase a handgun, just the federal background check.

  • C T M
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    1 month ago

    There's only a couple states that require a pistol purchase permit, one of them is NC. Every state requires a 4473 to buy a firearm from an FFL dealer, one of the questions on the 4473 asks about illegal drug use. Of course you could lie, but lying on a Federal form is a felony. They'd have to find out of course, and the only way they'd know is when they run a background check on you and there's a drug offense listed. Purchase permits are far less invasive as far as background checks go. 

  • 1 month ago

    your background check would flush that out.  You'd most likely fail.  Should of made better choices.

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